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Specials Course For Accompanied Patrol (SCAP) Website

SCAP is the initial training programmes for Special Constables that is delivered to the EMCHRS L &D Forces. Here you will find a range of training materials specifically designed to meet your needs as a new Special Constable.

These will complement your formal classroom training and allow you to complete much of your initial training remotely and at a pace specific to your personal needs. The course is split into a series of training modules that use a wide range of methods.

These include;

  • Documents
  • Interactive webinars via Adobe Connect
  • Videos
  • MP3 Files to download
  • E-learning packages
  • Forums for group discussions
  • Knowledge Presentations
  • Web content

To gain access to the site you will require a username and password that you will receive in your joining instructions. If for any reason you are still having problems or do not have a username and password then please contact the appropriate Force below.

If you are not part of a Police Force and wish to get access to the site then please click here to contact us.

A short demonstration video is available by clicking on the play button below.